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Data Protection

Assessing Risk and Training for Best Results

Data Protection

Enhancing Staff Skills

Data protection is a practical thing, not just about certification. Awareness training ensures that employees and management understand their role in keeping information secure, allowing other improvements to follow.

Information Security training has a positive impact on the business. Not only does it reduce risk when an employee recognises that clicking on a strange email means danger, you get peace of mind from being a business that takes security seriously. The culture spreads.

Once you can show the evidence of compliance, it also means you can apply for contracts with government bodies and larger industries that would otherwise be unavailable to you. Information Security leads to business opportunities.

Keep Your Information Safe

Be Prepared for Cyber Threats

Become a Security Aware Organisation

Well-trained Employees

Start on the path to certification

Add value to your business

Expert Support for Day-to-Day and in Emergency


From Secure Employees to Secure Information

Security Information Certification and employee training start from the same point, with an evaluation of risks and benefits to your organisation.

At Coast Consultants, we have two aims. The first is to make you more secure, the second is to provide a framework for all your information security. What starts with assessing the risks in your systems as you run them now can end in certifications such as ISO27001.

And we don’t underestimate the value of this, but point out to you how better training, better systems and better qualifications can lead to you being a leader in the field and make contracts available to you that otherwise would not be available.

If the idea of growth from Information Security appeals to you, then why not start the journey now and get in touch.

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